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Byteflies is a med tech company that provides B2B-services to enable lean development of wearable health applications. With a proprietary platform to set up wearable health solutions instantly, Byteflies works with pharmaceutical companies that are embracing clinical trial innovation and the value-based healthcare model, researchers looking for cutting edge technology to monitor patients, and tech companies wanting to quickly push new wearable technology to the market. Our team consists of world experts in the field of wearable health and the development of digital biomarkers.

Byteflies Kit

The Byteflies Kit contains everything you need to continuously record physiologic and behavioral signals in the clinic or at home. The main wearable component is Sensor Dot which, depending on where you place it, can record biopotential signals such as brain (electroencephalography, EEG), heart (electrocardiography, ECG) as well as muscle activity (electromyography, EMG) and activity-related signals via the included inertial measurement unit (IMU).

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Sensor Dot

Sensor Dot is a small and user-friendly wearable device that can record 2 biopotential channels, as well as motion-related signals continuously.

Sensor Dot -

Docking Station

The Docking Station can read out Sensor Dot data and charge their batteries. The Management Interface running on the docking station allows you to download the recorded data for further processing.

Docking Station -

Sensor Patch

The Sensor Patch is the interface between a Sensor Dot and commercially available biopotential electrodes, simply snap the Sensor Dot magnetically into the Sensor Patch. Up to 2 biopotential channels, and a triaxial accelerometer and gyroscope can be recorded simultaneously.

Sensor Patch -

We are leveraging Sensor Dot technology to build a dedicated monitoring solution for people with epilepsy. Stay tuned for more details!


“UCB is always on the lookout for digital technologies that create better value for patients. Byteflies’ innovative tools and expertise help us get ahead in the wearable health space to achieve that goal.”

Erik Janssen - VP Patient Relevant Innovative Solutions Mission Neurology - UCB Pharma SPRL

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