Byteflies Atelier

The perfect set of tools for wearable health research.

For artists, the atelier is their sanctuary where they go to create. Byteflies Atelier is your virtual workplace where your wearable health dreams come to fruition. It contains all the tools you need: use Composer to design new experiments, Sync to manage your data, and Scope to review and analyze your recordings.

Byteflies Composer

Our modular and powerful Sensor Dots can be configured many different ways. The setup, however, is dead simple.

Set up your experiment in no time

You don’t have to spend your precious time hacking things together. With the intuitive Composer app, you create a new experiment in a heartbeat. Simply drag-and-drop the Sensor Dots to your desired location, give them a role (e.g. ECG) and hit the create button. Doing wearable health research was never easier!

Real-time data visualization

All your signals can be viewed live in one screen.

Take notes

Any notes you add will be synchronized to your recording, allowing you to create a rich dataset with references for later analysis.

Byteflies Sync

As soon as your Sensor Dots are connected to the dock, the battery starts charging. At the same time, any new data is uploaded to the cloud. No manual steps needed!

Manage all your recordings in the blink of an eye

Sync gives a quick overview of the data you upload to or download from the Byteflies cloud.

Byteflies Scope

After your data has been uploaded to the cloud, use the Scope app to access it from anywhere. Browse your experiments, visualize the data, and download raw data for offline analysis.

Visualize all your data

The synchronized data of your Sensor Dots is annotated with any notes you made, experimental metadata, and information on sensor placement.

Download all your data

The most common data formats are available, including HDF5, CSV and EDF, so you can continue to analyze the data in your favorite program.

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