One tiny Dot, endless possibilities

Packed in the size of a quarter, our sensor module has endless possibilities. You can program the module to measure any vital sign. It is the cornerstone to build a wearable health solution that is both accurate and comfortable. The Byteflies sensor Dot is specifically designed for everyone that believes in the potential of wearables but is faced with the limitations of current devices.

Any vital sign, anywhere, any time

Measure multiple vital signs on any place on the body. Many solutions measure vital signs on the wrist. While this is an obvious place for PPG and motion, it is not for other signals. Start exploring your wearable health idea without these restrictions and quickly identify the best trade-off between signal quality and user comfort.

All your data synchronized on one dashboard

The signals from your sensor Dots are collected in our cloud and securely and easily accessible from anywhere. You can review your results in our web viewer or download the data (manually or via our API).

Raw data, fully flexible

Garbage in, garbage out. The combination of Big Data and AI are extremely powerful as long as your input data is of high quality. We provide you with the tools to optimize and tweak your wearable health application, including full access to raw unfiltered data, so you can be sure the data will be up to your standards from the start.

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