Byteflies Exploration Kit

The Byteflies Exploration Kit contains all the tools you need to kickstart your own wearable health application. Get yours now for €2500 (excl. VAT).



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Sensor Dot

Each Exploration Kit comes with 5 Sensor Dots. These tiny powerhouses can record ECG, PPG, respiration, and motion. Use multiple devices at the same time, measure the same signal in different locations, or all signals at the same time ... How you configure them is up to you!


The Sensor Dots snap magnetically into one of the included adhesive patches so you can start recording in the blink of an eye. Each Exploration kit includes:
  • 1x wired ECG / Respiration Patch
  • 5x PPG Patch
  • 5x IMU Patch

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Byteflies Dock

The Byteflies Dock is your gateway to your data. Simply snap your Sensor Dots magnetically into the Dock, connect the Dock to your computer via the provided USB cable, and data and power will start flowing.

Byteflies Atelier

Byteflies' suite of software serves multiple purposes:
  • Design your experiment and configure your Sensor Dots in the Composer app
  • Manage data transfer from your Sensor Dots to the Byteflies cloud via the Sync app
  • Review your experiment and data in the Scope app, and download raw data for further analysis
  • Each kit comes with 25 GB of Cloud storage.


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Patches are sold in boxes of 50 each. All orders below €250 are subject to a €15 shipping charge. In case you would like to order larger or custom quantities, please fill out the form below.

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€115 (excl. VAT, incl. Shipping)€165 (excl. VAT, incl. Shipping)€250 (excl. VAT, incl. Shipping)


Due to high demand our next delivery is expected in 4 weeks.

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