Press Kit


Full name logo: fullName_highRes_sourceThick.pdf

Butterfly dots: dotsButterfly_highRes_source.pdf

GoogleIOT_banner_26042018.pdfProduct pictures

Byteflies Sensor Dot: ByteFlies_Perspective_Top.png

Byteflies Sensor Dot plus patch: ByteFlies_Perspective_Open.png

Byteflies Dock: ByteFlies_Dock_Perspective.png

Byteflies Dock with Dots: ByteFlies_Dock_Sensors_Perspective.png

Byteflies Dot in Hand: ByteFlies_Hand_02.png

Mounts/Patches: 3 patches.png

Byteflies Composer App: Composer_livestream.png

Byteflies Scope App 1: Scope_DownloadData.png

Byteflies Scope App 2: Scope_visualizeSignals2.png

Founder pictures

Hans Danneels: HansDanneels.jpg

Hans De Clercq: HansDeClercq.jpg

Both founders: Founders.jpg


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