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Monitoring of epileptic patients with the Byteflies Sensor Dot

Worldwide, more than 70 million people suffer from epilepsy, a neurological condition characterized by seizures that can lead to life-long disability. Currently, very few wearables exist that provide the accuracy of EEG, the clinical standard for diagnosing epilepsy, in a small and wearable form factor. We are using Sensor Dot to continuously monitor behind-the-ear EEG to reduce the need for in-hospital video-EEG monitoring and collect objective longitudinal data on seizure burden in people’s natural environment. This information will help neurologists direct the right treatment to the right person more quickly, and provide a valuable source of information for drug development.

EIT Health SeizeIT2 multicenter clinical trial

SeizeIT2, the successor of SeizeIT1, is a multicenter clinical trial focused on evaluating Sensor Dot as a wearable EEG monitoring device in clinical practice for people with epilepsy, both in and out of the hospital. Up to 1000 patients will be recruited across 7 centers in Europe over the course of 2 years. 

Dusseldorf Marathon 2019

Byteflies monitored 16 runners during and in preparation for the 2019 Dusseldorf marathon. The runners wore a smart-, health patch connected to the Byteflies Sensor Dot, which continuously measured the heart rate and physical activity during training, resting, and racing in order to personalize their training schedules. 

With this smart Health Patch, Byteflies and his partners won the award for the Best New Wearable Technology 2019 by IDTechEx.

Continuous monitoring of leg impact in Legg-Calvé-Perthes disease

Jules has Legg-Calve-Perthes disease, which means he should avoid heavy impacts on his affected leg as much as possible. As a proof-of-concept, Byteflies provided Jules and his family with Sensor Dots to continuously monitor movement and the total impact exerted on the legs throughout the day. The family used this feedback to help Jules manage his condition.

Fetal ECG monitoring

The smart patch and Byteflies Sensor Dot together can provide continuous fetal ECG monitoring of a woman and her child during pregnancy. This at home monitoring can potentially detect complications during pregnancy earlier.

Byteflies is developing Sensor Dot for various clinical indications. The information on this page highlights some of these development efforts. No medical claims are made on the performance of Sensor Dot in these or other examples, unless explicitly stated.

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