Our solution for clinical trials

Inflated drug development costs and evolving healthcare models are putting pressure on the pharmaceutical industry to innovate. The ability to effortlessly gather real-world data to assess the performance of an experimental treatment or the management of a chronic disease population provides an invaluable, competitive advantage. 

The collection of objective data will allow clinical trials to accelerate and will reduce the costs. Wearables are essential to collect long-term data, escape the physical barriers of trial sites and ease patient enrolment, and provide a direct line of communication with the user. 

Byteflies’s wearable devices*, Sensor Dots, and secure cloud platform provide the ultimate tool to start collecting real-world data. Sensor Dots record high quality brain (electroencephalography, EEG), heart (electrocardiography, ECG) and muscle activity (electromyography, EMG), as well as eye motion (electrooculography, EOG) and general motion data (accelerometer and gyroscope). Sensor Dots integrate seamlessly with our cloud platform for long-term recording of multiple synchronized physiological and behavioural signals so you can focus on the clinical insights you need. Byteflies’s team of experts will be ready to guide you every step of the way.

*Byteflies is ISO 13485: 2016 certified for the production of medical devices up to Class 2a (CE) and Class II (FDA). Our cloud infrastructure is compliant with ISO27k1, GDPR and HIPAA regulations.

The Byteflies Kit

Sensor Dot

Sensor Dot is a small and user-friendly wearable device that can record 2 biopotential channels, as well as motion-related signals continuously.

Sensor Dot -

Docking Station

The Docking Station can read out data from Sensor Dots and charge their batteries. It communicates with the Byteflies Cloud to manage all your devices and data.

Docking Station -

Sensor Patch

The Sensor Patch is the interface between a Sensor Dot and commercially available biopotential electrodes. Simply snap the Sensor Dot magnetically into the Sensor Patch. If you are only interested in motion data, a version of the Sensor Patch without biopotential leads can be used. Up to 2 biopotential channels and a triaxial accelerometer can be recorded simultaneously with a single Sensor Dot. As many Sensor Dots as needed to capture your signals of interest can be used simultaneously.

Sensor Patch -

The Byteflies cloud is user-oriented, scalable and compliant with the ISO27k1, GDPR and HIPAA regulations. The cloud infrastructure is focused on managing multiple kits in the field at the same time while running a study or trial. The cloud is connected to all the used docking stations and the interface is organized in a way that the user gets a simplified overview.


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