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macOS 10.13 
(version 10.12+)

Windows 10 
(version 1709+)

Windows 7


Please check our support materials to learn how to use your Sensor Dots and the Composer software.
In case you are experiencing issues, please submit a support ticket. We'll contact you as soon as possible!
General inquiries can be submitted via the contact form.


Version 1.0.25

Make Composer more reliable in restricted network environments

Improved reliability for syncing

    Version 1.0.24

    Significantly improved reliability for data downloads from your Sensor Dots

    Improved launch time on Windows computers running certain cloud storage solutions

    An improved method for data recovery should something go wrong

    Bug fixes for experiment notes

      Version 1.0.8

      New: Windows 7 Support

      New: Windows 32-bit Support

      Improved: Better reliability for wireless connectivity to Sensor Dots

      Improved: Logging to help better solve customer issues

      Improved: The Composer should be less prone to occasional 'freezes' on Windows

      Fix: Issue where the Driver for the Dock was not installed correctly

      Fix: Issue where experiment metadata (e.g. name) were not properly included in the sync folder name

      Fix: Issue with incorrect number of samples in data files

      Fix: Workaround for Microsoft OneDrive File-on-Demand

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